Tendo Ryu is a koryu whose principal weapon is the naginata - the Japanese polearm used by the bushi. In addition to the naginata, training in Tendo Ryu includes use of the sword, kusarigama (chain and sickle), jo (short staff), short sword and dagger, and nito (two swords used in tandem). Training is centred on paired kata (practice forms), with the more experienced practitioner handling the sword and the pupil using the naginata. One of the most important aspects of Tendo Ryu is correct use of body mechanics, without which it is impossible to wield either the naginata or sword effectively. There aren't any shortcuts to proficiency in Tendo Ryu and it will take years of practising diligently in order to achieve a suitable level of skill and understanding of the school's concepts and techniques. Nonetheless, we encourage anyone who is eagre to study a traditional koryu to visit the dojo and help Tendo Ryu to flourish in the 21st century.